Logic Part Deux


I wrote the following question on a piece of paper the other day:

Is logic merely subconscious programming?

Defined, subconscious means “mental processes taking place without consciousness” (Source)

Consciousness: “internal knowledge,” “state of being aware of what passes in one’s own mind,” “state of being aware” (Source)

Logic: “the science of distinction of true from false reasoning” (Source)

To reason: “to question” or “challenge” (Source)

Etymologically speaking, the question would be a resounding no. Perhaps, more specifically, we should state “Is the current understanding of logic merely subconscious programming?” Hmm…

That’s an interesting way of defining logic as if one person’s determination from questioning is wrong compared to another. To clarify though, it is the act of actually questioning or challenging, not in the derived outcome. We seem to speak of logic today in terms of rightness of our beliefs, but to question implies that the one who spouts “logic” has been seeking, examining, and inquiring (Source).

It also implies that if logic was indeed used to derive one’s beliefs, then one’s beliefs would not 100% align with one’s chosen groups/factions/associations but would in actuality have a discernment in thought and ideology. If there’s no disparity between the Self and any group one aligns to, there’s no real thought, is there?

Thought: “process of thinking,” “consideration, deliberation” (Source)

In defense of perhaps the majority, is critical or creative thinking really taught within the walls of our educational system much? If there is decent access to the Arts, then perhaps, but most public school systems, particularly at the elementary and middle school levels, are quite devoid of any access or are subject to minimal time allotments every couple of weeks. To top it off then, physical limitations have been so constricted over the years in a child’s movement that it automatically imprisons the mind over time.

Personally, I think for those of us that do question everything that comes into our consciousness and, particularly, refuse to align with any faction of thought due to the set limitation on choice and the external categorization one gets placed in, we may wish to (if we haven’t already) learn to play the “devil’s advocate” or, more subtly, use the Socratic method of asking a myriad of questions to garner conscious logical thinking. A divided nation can only come together truly if we become compassionately aligned through being conscious, discerning, understanding, and learn to celebrate the individual and not the self’s righteousness in its alignment to an external sovereign.

Just something to consider, deliberate, examine, question, or challenge… Thoughts?

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