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Expanding our souls through play…

Animal Totems


One of the ways I hone my intuition is by paying attention to the animals that come across my field of vision. In most every culture, animals, when they come into your life represent something you need to work on, something you’re bringing into… Continue Reading “Animal Totems”

Creating Sanctuary

rock outcropping

Years ago, back in my mid-twenties, one of my best friends told me my apartment was a sanctuary. It was calm, clean, a place to just be. How many of us can claim we have created our very own sanctuary? Nowadays, my sanctuary isn’t… Continue Reading “Creating Sanctuary”

Finding the Strength Within


Victor Oddo (if you haven’t heard of him yet, do google him – talks a lot about Ascension) called the long inward chapter I’ve been in the Hermit Phase. An apt name as I rather love my Hermit Phase, my going within. It’s a… Continue Reading “Finding the Strength Within”

Positive Energy

5 elements

In Seventh grade, I knew without a doubt, I was just a little strange, as compared to my classmates. The above photo I drew then – perhaps simplistic but I was only beginning to realize my path. I also created my first bucket list… Continue Reading “Positive Energy”

Just a Little Intro

the climb

Welcome friends! If you’ve somehow managed to find my newest blog here, I’m guessing you too are on a spiritual path. For the last year, I have had some spiritual creativity bubbling inside me, loaded with tools to expand not only our creativity but… Continue Reading “Just a Little Intro”