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In the 90’s, I couldn’t devour enough books on anything esoteric, mainly because it was difficult to find many. At that time, anything connected with the concept of spirit world was particularly frowned upon as something ridiculous and unbelievable, even by those that followed… Continue Reading “Channel”


I have a problem. It’s something I’ve been aware of for a long time but it wasn’t made so clear to me until an Empath on Youtube (I don’t remember which one at the moment) said something that resonated with me and gave me… Continue Reading “Boundaries”

Just a Little Intro

the climb

Welcome friends! If you’ve somehow managed to find my newest blog here, I’m guessing you too are on a spiritual path. For the last year, I have had some spiritual creativity bubbling inside me, loaded with tools to expand not only our creativity but… Continue Reading “Just a Little Intro”