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Energy Protection Shields

After attempting to Google in various combinations of what I’m about to describe, I finally gave up with the futility and decided to write about it instead. Within a span of a five hour conversation I had tonight with my best friend, I broached… Continue Reading “Energy Protection Shields”

Habit or Ritual?

  How many habits do you have versus rituals that create sacredness in the simplest of routines? As defined by dictionary.com: Habit: an acquired pattern regularly followed until it has become involuntary customary practice or use a particular practice, custom, or usage Ritual: an… Continue Reading “Habit or Ritual?”

Creating Sanctuary

rock outcropping

Years ago, back in my mid-twenties, one of my best friends told me my apartment was a sanctuary. It was calm, clean, a place to just be. How many of us can claim we have created our very own sanctuary? Nowadays, my sanctuary isn’t… Continue Reading “Creating Sanctuary”